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My name is Ajit Menon, an amateur hobbyist photographer based in New York City. In my day-to-day life, I am a visual effects artist, having plied my trade for over 17 years in New York city (and around) and currently working at The Mill, an industry heavyweight in this field as a VFX Supervisor.

Photography has become quite a passion for me over the last several years during which I have attempted to travel to different parts of the world to capture the spellbinding natural beauty of the world. This website is an attempt to showcase some of my work over the past few years. The blog will be an area where I plan to post stories of my travels as well as tips and tricks of photography besides photographs that may not make the main galleries.

Thanks for reading and do use the form to say hello.

PS: photo credit to Antony Spencer during the Lofoten Islands workshop in March 2013


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